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Press & downloads
IHRSA 2012 14-17 March 2012

The future  of fitness industry has grown  stronger over the last few years, so keep  having fun getting fit.

8 February 2012
Kangoo Jumps is recognised for their outstanding contribution towards supporting young people through the power of sport:

Peachtree Road Race 2-3 July 2011
Time Square Mega Screen – NY   2011 2011
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian working out in Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes: April 2010 a.pdf">  
Triathlete's World Magazine Article: October 2010
Runners World Magazine Article:  
2 press articles in Portugal:   November 2010
Cover page of the Summer activities promotional pamphlet in August for Babergh Council:  
2 Articles in South African Magazines: autumn 2009  
Romanian article: May 2009
Article in OneToOne Website 
Chicago Magazine article:   
Article in UR Chicago magazine 
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